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Bond For A Day

New York, May 2002. A hi-fi show at the Hilton. Smack in the middle of Linn’s room, a silver Aston-Martin Vanquish. Linn’s public relations officer, Brian Morris, asks me, ‘Ken, would you like to take the Vanquish for a week-end, … Continue reading

Aston Martin Rapide/Bang & Olufsen system

You can just imagine the glee amongst the boffins in Bang & Olufsen Automotive’s R&D Department when the Rapide was announced. Still basking in the glow of the sound system they produced for the astonishing DBS, the designers were asked … Continue reading

B&O Aston-Martin System

It starts with a floor-show, the best ‘party trick’ in audio: the instant you press the power-on button for the sound system in the Aston-Martin DBS, a speaker rises smoothly, slowly and seductively from either end of the dash. If … Continue reading

Burmester Porsche Panamera Sound System

As car assignments go, the brief was unusual: to assess the new Porsche Panamera’s in-car audio system. That’s not to say I ignored the sublime road holding, the comfort, the speed and all of the other virtues associated with the … Continue reading