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Garrott Decca Cartridge

  I had honestly intended to kickoff the actual buying exercises with items decidedly down-market in price. Alas, the post and transatlantic communication are against me, so I’m going to start you on the road to second-hand bliss with a … Continue reading

Simon Yorke S7 Turntable

However cool or unimpressed we try to be, there’s no escaping ‘prestige’ endorsements. Even if there’s been some financial inducement – what did it cost BMW to get James Bond to drive a German car? – we’re still impressed. But … Continue reading

Marantz 17-Series System

MARANTZ REVIEW Ken Kessler Having established itself as THE brand for affordable audiophile CD players, Marantz is going out of its way to prevent what’s known as ‘cherry-picking’. Cherry-picking happens when a brand has one outrageously successful product, but the … Continue reading


THIRTY SOMETHING Analogue’s swan song? SME unleashes its first turntable   by Ken Kessler   Fastidious. Single-minded. Self-sufficient. The man was a renaissance figure, one who would never suffer fools. He believed that form followed function, that workmanship was as … Continue reading