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Blog No. 10: CES 2016 After the Fact

  While CES reports always burst with new hardware, they only indicate productivity. What they do not convey is the mood of the event, nor how it is a litmus test of the health of the hi-fi industry. Some reporters … Continue reading

Blog No 9: The Calm Before the Storm

My silence of late is due to too much travel (“Awwwww, poor baby …”) but I should add much of it has to do with the crush of hi-fi shows, clustered in the autumn. And I only managed three.   … Continue reading

Blog 2: 18 October 2014 – A Weekend In Paris

In case anyone thinks I’m making this up, the Festival Son et Image taking place this weekend in Paris is a seriously busy show … like in the old days. As this is a blog and not a show report … Continue reading

The Hi-Fi Show Heathrow 1998

Maybe nostalgia is playing too big a part in my feelings about the Hi-Fi Show in London, but there’s no escaping its contribution: this year’s was the last at Heathrow Airport, and for some of us, it marks the passing … Continue reading

Milan TOP Audio 1997 Show Report

  Just as the Hi-Fi Show in London demonstrated an increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors, so did TOP Audio, in Milan. An extra floor and a new exhibit hall were opened to account for the added numbers, … Continue reading

London Heathrow Hi-Fi Show 1993

In the context of this magazine, you’d expect me to say that the Hi-Fi Show, at London’s Heathrow Airport, was tube-laden. That’s because I’m not here to tell you about the CD players, speakers, turntables, solid-state amps or any of … Continue reading

The Hi-Fi Show 1995

Because of the nature of the hi-fi beast — politics and prejudice often override reality — the Hi-Fi Show at the Ramada Hotel at London’s Heathrow Airport is always taken for granted. Or dissed beyond belief. Maybe it’s because the … Continue reading

Milan TOP Audio 1995 Show Report

Held every September at the Quark Hotel in Milan, TOP Audio is one of the shows to attend during the “European season”. It takes place smack in the middle — the season starts in August with the German shows and … Continue reading

Stereophile Show, Chicago 1999

OK, so you’re all wondering how our own Wendy Griffiths upheld the magazine’s honour during her Chicago debut, as a guest on the ‘Women In Audio’ panel. You’ll be pleased to know that she impressed all by being articulate (Yanks … Continue reading

Mondo Audio: Las Vegas CES 1995 Follow-Up

Just what the audio community needed: a smash hit. Given that even the industry’s most Pollyanna-like naif would have had a hard time smiling through the catastrophe that was the 1994 Summer CES, the January event in Las Vegas seemed … Continue reading