Welcome to the repository for my ‘back catalogue’. For those of you who landed here by accident, I am – as the header states – a hi-fi journalist. For those of you who came here deliberately and who know my work, I hope to fill this site with everything I’ve ever written about hi-fi, since my first jottings were published over 30 years ago. There will also be a handful of ‘rarities’: articles that, for one reason or another, were never published.

All of the reviews, columns and articles have been edited slightly or tidied up, but only if it helps their usefulness. Obscenities (I was once young) have been removed or asterisk’d. If that seems like rewriting history, fear not: the versions viewed here will be to the originals what ‘directors’ cuts’ are to original film releases. None will be changed substantially, and any opinions will stand as they first appeared.

Caveats? In a few cases, the exact dates of some of the magazines in which the items originally appeared are not known – my own library is incomplete – so dates are provided according to when the article was submitted; thankfully, Microsoft Word maintains this information with every original file. Also please note that prices, addresses or phone numbers mentioned in any of the texts were correct at the time the review or article appeared, but these have not been changed to reflect the current market values nor current contact details if the brand still exists.

Thanks for visiting!

Ken Kessler

Senior Contributing Editor, Hi-Fi News & Record Review

Columnist, SoundStage

Technology Columnist, Telegraph Luxury


“Streaming is to physical media what online porn is to real sex.”
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