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Raymond Cooke’s Final Interview

One of the first names mentioned when Gene Pitts suggested a series of interviews with British audio legends was Raymond Cooke, founder and Life President of KEF. In late 1994, I met with Raymond at the KEF factory in Maidstone, … Continue reading

An Interview With Julian Vereker

I met with Julian Vereker of Naim in 1987, fascinated by the parting of the ways with Linn. Julian Vereker: It was certainly a catalyst. I wouldn’t say we had it in mind to change distributors, because once you make … Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Yasuo Nakanishi

Fi – INTERVIEW WITH YASUO NAKANISHI Ken Kessler Among the behind-the-scenes movers-and-shakers in high end audio, few wield as much influence and power as the importers/distributors. Normally, hi-fi enthusiasts are unaware of their efforts because such people do not aspire … Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Ivor Tiefenbrun

The Thoughts Of Chairman Ivor (1994)   For over two decades, Linn Products Ltd of Scotland has dominated the British audio scene, the success due in no small part to the enthusiasm and notoriety of founder Ivor Tiefenbrun. Truly the … Continue reading