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Blog No. 14: An LS3/5a For the Ages

Consider this a Public Service: you are being warned, before the release date of June/July 2019, of a run of only 50 pairs of speakers guaranteed to become collectors’ items. Falcon Acoustics’ Jerry Bloomfield told me they’re making the finest … Continue reading

Optimus PRO LX5 Loudspeaker

Not once but twice this year the Tandy Corporation has begged from us the question, “What’s going on at Radio Shack?” First, they wow us with a pocket-money CD portable which has the audiophile community in a dither. We sat … Continue reading

Boston VR12 Center Channel Speaker Review

Still wary of this industry’s THX sermonizing, I’m at a loss to explain but happy about the proliferation of center-channel speakers that are something other than horizontally-mounted versions of a given manufacturer’s main left-and-right speakers. Weren’t we told time and … Continue reading

Wilson Audio Cub Review

At the rate Wilson Audio is entering the more affordable sectors, there’ll be a $100-bookshelf model around 2015. Until then, the “entry level” is the new CUB, not cheap at just under $6000 per pair, but almost a case of … Continue reading

TDL Studio 1m

Doncha just love loyalty? In a world where the number of practitioners of transmission-line loudspeaker design can be counted on one hand, it’s nice to note that such die-hards as these remain unshakeable in their devotion. And that’s after years … Continue reading

Quad 77-10L Loudspeaker

There’s nothing an editor likes more than a hook on which to hang an article. Adding timeliness to what would be Just Another Review is the announcement of two crucial events in Quad’s history. The first is that the company … Continue reading

Avalon Avatar

It’s easy to forget that Avalon makes floor-standing speakers which aren’t the size of refrigerators. The Avatar stands a manageable 34x9x13in (HWD) and looks positively dainty when standing next to the Radian or the Ascent. Because it features the angular … Continue reading