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Blog No. 14: An LS3/5a For the Ages

Consider this a Public Service: you are being warned, before the release date of June/July 2019, of a run of only 50 pairs of speakers guaranteed to become collectors’ items. Falcon Acoustics’ Jerry Bloomfield told me they’re making the finest … Continue reading

London Heathrow Hi-Fi Show 1993

In the context of this magazine, you’d expect me to say that the Hi-Fi Show, at London’s Heathrow Airport, was tube-laden. That’s because I’m not here to tell you about the CD players, speakers, turntables, solid-state amps or any of … Continue reading

UK News January 1995

It’s taken long enough, but some of the older British manufacturers have finally realised that there’s no better quality to exploit than one’s own heritage. (The younger ones, quite naturally, have no heritage yet worth exploiting.) The revival a few … Continue reading

Valve Views – China ’95

Little did the tube-driven side of me know what was in store when I visited Guangzhou (Canton) in the People’s Republic of China to attend the Guangdong International Radio Music Festival ‘94. This was China’s first mainstream hi-fi show, virtually … Continue reading

Ralph West Obituary

RALPH WEST OBITUARY   Another link to the early years of audio has been broken with the passing of Ralph West, one of the first of the UK’s hi-fi reviewers. Ralph was born in 1912 and studied at Nottingham University … Continue reading

News Items: Onkyo TX-DS989 AV Receiver/Marantz SA-1 SACD Player/NXT Speaker/etc

ONKYO DEFIES OBSOLESCENCE Recognizing that, in our “fast-paced world of digital, where any product you buy is half obsolete when it leaves the store and fully obsolete by the time you unpack it,” Onkyo has launched what it describes as … Continue reading

Quad Takeover

    Quad is no longer the oldest hi-fi company still in the hands of its founders. The 60-year-old company has been sold to the Verity Group, which owns Wharfedale, Mission, Fane Acoustics and Premier Drums. While it’s clear that … Continue reading