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Blog No. 14: An LS3/5a For the Ages

Consider this a Public Service: you are being warned, before the release date of June/July 2019, of a run of only 50 pairs of speakers guaranteed to become collectors’ items. Falcon Acoustics’ Jerry Bloomfield told me they’re making the finest … Continue reading

Blog No. 13: Dave Wilson

Blog No. 13:  Dave Wilson We knew it was coming. In late 2017, it was revealed that Dave Wilson was suffering from a virulent form of cancer. He fought it until May 26, 2018, leaving us after five months of … Continue reading

Blog No. 12: At Last, Another Hi-Fi History!

  Back in 2003, when Quad: The Closest Approach was published – how time flies – the sum total of books about hi-fi companies required less than a foot of shelf space. Aside from scientific tomes about sound or recording, DIY … Continue reading

Blog No. 11: Simply Listening….

In 30+ years as a reviewer, I have always marvelled at the rather misplaced envy of audiophiles who don’t work in the hi-fi industry. They think it’s all about freebies and lolling around listening to gear and flitting from hi-fi … Continue reading

Blog No. 10: CES 2016 After the Fact

  While CES reports always burst with new hardware, they only indicate productivity. What they do not convey is the mood of the event, nor how it is a litmus test of the health of the hi-fi industry. Some reporters … Continue reading

Blog No 9: The Calm Before the Storm

My silence of late is due to too much travel (“Awwwww, poor baby …”) but I should add much of it has to do with the crush of hi-fi shows, clustered in the autumn. And I only managed three.   … Continue reading

Blog No. 8: Auf Wiedersehen, Dieter

When a friend asked, at this year’s Munich High End Show, “How did Dieter look?”, I should have suspected something was amiss. Trouble was, Dieter Burmester was the happiest, most positive individual I’ve ever met in this industry, and he … Continue reading

Blog No. 7: So Long, Stan

After losing Doug Sax, I figured the Grim Reaper would give us a break. I was wrong. Time marches on, we’re getting older, so – inevitably – it’s taking its toll. Tragically, in the midst of the LP revival, we … Continue reading

Blog No. 6: As Maurice Sang, I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore

With the recent passing of Doug Sax, one of the best mastering mavens of all time, and Robert Reina, one of those minority hi-fi journalists who wasn’t one-part asshole, this scribe (believed to be three-parts asshole by many) is in … Continue reading

Blog 5: R.I.P. Paul Rosenberg

Still recovering from the passing of Giovanni Faccendini in December, I am further saddened by the loss of another friend of long standing. Paul Rosenberg was – during the years he was active with Mondial – one of the best pals I’ve … Continue reading