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Blog 4: R.I.P. Tony Bolton 1964-2014

A nod of respect to our colleague Tony Bolton, of Hi-Fi World, who passed away in December. I will always remember Tony as the first person to say, ‘The iPod sucks!’ and who wore a T-shirt to prove it.

Blog 3: Harry Pearson January 5, 1937 – November 4, 2014

    Today – indeed, for the next many months and years – the high-end audio industry will feel bereft, knowing a void that will never be filled. The passing of Harry Pearson will elicit obituaries, hagiographies, tearful and fond memories, and … Continue reading

Blog 2: 18 October 2014 – A Weekend In Paris

In case anyone thinks I’m making this up, the Festival Son et Image taking place this weekend in Paris is a seriously busy show … like in the old days. As this is a blog and not a show report … Continue reading

Blog 1: 1 October 2014 – Adjusting For Fifty Quid Man

  With Christmas so close, it’s not surprising that the music industry has bombarded us with costly box-sets. My own response is schizophrenic: positive, because I love things like an extra five discs’ worth of the Allman Brothers’ Live At The Fillmore, … Continue reading