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Mondo Audio: CES Chicago 1995

Public relations types develop incredible methods for being economical with the truth: they employ unbridled chutzpah. They demonstrate a nervelessness, an arrogance and a method of full-frontal attack that leaves the observer breathless. In some cases, they leave us impressed … Continue reading

Mondo Audio: European Show Reports

Europe likes to think of itself as one giant, happy trade zone. And so it is in many ways, what with the disappearance of trade boundaries, internal duty charges and the like. But it still consists of a number of … Continue reading

1994 Chicago CES Report

Arms waving to clear away the unsettled dust, I’m struck by the chaos following in the wake of the summer Consumer Electronics Show. Allegedly the last to be held in Chicago, it has inspired the usual half-full/half-empty responses depending upon … Continue reading

Mondo Audio: China Report

Witnessing a revolution: heavy-duty stuff for one whose mis-spent youth involved being part of one. A mere ten days in the People’s Republic of China was enough to convince me that something’s happening there, and what it is ain’t exactly … Continue reading