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Theta Carmen DVD Player

Bless Theta’s sense of humour. By naming one player ‘Miles’ and another ‘Pearl’, the company showed how to appeal to a wide cross-section of customers and music tastes. The former could have been named for, say, Miles Davis or Buddy … Continue reading

Marantz CD63 KI CD Player

On the surface, it’s just another set of modifications, right? Another way to sell CD-63s, eh? I suppose that a cynic could look at it that way, but – after hearing the ‘K.I. Signature’ – the cynic would have to … Continue reading

Copland CDA 266 CD Player

Had I paid attention in Psychology 101, this review could have featured a mini dissertation on the single-chassis vs two-box debate. To separate or not to separate – that is the question. It’s just that any single-box CD player over … Continue reading

Marantz 17-Series System

MARANTZ REVIEW Ken Kessler Having established itself as THE brand for affordable audiophile CD players, Marantz is going out of its way to prevent what’s known as ‘cherry-picking’. Cherry-picking happens when a brand has one outrageously successful product, but the … Continue reading