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Milan TOP Audio 1997 Show Report

  Just as the Hi-Fi Show in London demonstrated an increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors, so did TOP Audio, in Milan. An extra floor and a new exhibit hall were opened to account for the added numbers, … Continue reading

Extreme Audio

  Most people have no idea how good music can sound in the home. Too many down-market purveyors of junk have succeeded in promoting features over performance, while all that the iPod and its ilk have given us is convenience … Continue reading

A Pair of Wharfedales: The Story of Gilbert Briggs and His Loudspeakers

  While writing the story of KEF, Dr Andrew Watson and I were contacted by Prof. David Briggs. He told us that he was working on a history of Wharfedale. His name was not coincidental: Wharfedale’s founder, Gilbert Briggs, is … Continue reading

Natural Born Kessler: Surround Sound Matters

So all is well in Surround-Sound Land, eh? For once, the home entertainment merchants have standardised, right? Not. Huh? Isn’t the world of home cinema already and emphatically Dolby-Surrounded? Stop and smell the matrices, or at least look at the … Continue reading

Optimus PRO LX5 Loudspeaker

Not once but twice this year the Tandy Corporation has begged from us the question, “What’s going on at Radio Shack?” First, they wow us with a pocket-money CD portable which has the audiophile community in a dither. We sat … Continue reading

Mondo Audio: CE Regulations and EU Meddling

Global “size reduction” is something we’ve been taking for granted for years. I mean, the popularity of Baywatch has probably done more to convince the world that all American women have D-cups than anything since Jane Russell in The Outlaw, … Continue reading

Hi-Fi News Back Page – Multi-Channel

To demonstrate that multi-channel sucks for pure music, just pull out any studio albums mastered for the original 4-channel formats, circa-1970. You and I know that this is fraudulent, though, because those recordings have the same validity relative to modern … Continue reading

London Heathrow Hi-Fi Show 1993

In the context of this magazine, you’d expect me to say that the Hi-Fi Show, at London’s Heathrow Airport, was tube-laden. That’s because I’m not here to tell you about the CD players, speakers, turntables, solid-state amps or any of … Continue reading

Headroom: Lumley, Cremonese Cloth

One has to admire Raymond Lumley for plugging away with his eponymous valve amplifiers because, on the surface, his company looks just as quivery as the next. Yet despite a split with his original partner (Roy Grant, when the company … Continue reading

Air Tight ATC-1 Valve Control Amplifier and ATM-1 Valve Power Amplifier

VACUUM PACKED Few specialist Japanese valve amplifiers ever leave Honshu; we try the long-awaited Air Tight. Never, if you value your sanity, thumb through a Japanese hi-fi magazine. If you’re an inveterate hi-fi casualty, the pictures you’ll see will haunt … Continue reading